Grain and Seed Muffins

These Grain and Seed Muffins went with me to work, I shared them with a meeting after the New Year. I guess my co-workers were not into healthy or they were still full from the holidays as only half disappeared. My husband and I enjoyed the rest. These wheat bran muffins are a bit on the dry side and require a jam of sorts to go with it which is exactly what we did. Since I now have a one pound bag of wheat bran I will be making these again. Happy New Year! Catch up with the rest of the group at Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. peggyyarnall says:

    According to my husband they were a bit dry. But I love that they are a hearty muffin if you are going to start your day with them! Yours look delicious. I wish I could have eaten them. Might make again and leave out the sunflower seeds.


  2. Küchenlatein says:

    With German flour they weren’t dry, delicious to Start the day


  3. Kayte Gerth says:

    They look lovely all lined up there just waiting like that. Hmmm…wondering on the dryness part so will keep an eye if anyone has any suggestions for when I bake them.


  4. Hmmm, I didn’t find these dry at all – might be different types of flour? In any case, I’ll be making these, or a version of them again! I can’t believe your colleagues didn’t polish them off!


  5. Kim says:

    I am thinking we bought the same 1lb bag of wheat bran at Sprouts 😂


  6. Cakelaw says:

    Happy New Year! These muffins look good – I don’t Mind healthy-ish.


  7. I have a ton of flax seeds now, too. Glad you got to enjoy them…I definitely would have been a taker at the office meeting!


  8. lovielou says:

    These look great. I haven’t made them yet so I’m curious to see if they turn out dry.


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