Stuffed Cabbage

Before going in the oven.
Finished product.

I don’t think I have ever made stuffed cabbage but I am sure that I have eaten before. This is a good winter dinner recipe, I seem to crave more beef dishes during the winter months. I take issue with the ‘Everyday’ as this is a laborious recipe, I would put this in the special occasion or weekend only category.

The only mistake I made was not noticing the large head of cabbage. I bought a cute small head of Savoy cabbage which did not give me 18 leaves so I had filling left over. I made this all in one day and I liked it fresh the first day as apposed to the leftovers. The boiling of the cabbage leaves and slicing out the stem was a bit laborious but I got into a Zen moment with rolling the leaves. It did smell good cooking and we all enjoyed the finished product.


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  1. I agree…not an everyday recipe! I also had filling leftover so I made some meatballs and put them in with the bundles. Used those with some pasta for a leftover lunch haha. Tried to be resourceful for all that effort.


  2. hmm, I see that savoy cabbage works better for stuffing than a regular one. You’d have to be in the mood to do an “art and craft” project like this. Yours are beautiful.


  3. I couldn’t find a small Savoy cabbage but wish I had! Looks easier to work with for sure!


  4. I will also keep the savoy in mind if I make these again. I liked these, too, even though they took me forever to make and then I had to scrub the heck out of my Dutch oven. 🙂


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