Portofignos are a fruit and nut version of Dorie’s World Peace Cookie. The recipe calls for walnuts but I substituted for pecans and I had to substitute the port red wine for Sirah as that is what I had. I actually didn’t taste any of the wine in the baked cookie but no matter these were a winner with my husband who loves dried fruit. I thought these were a sophisticated cookie and were best the day of baking as they get softer with time. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. Loved these! Definitely try them with Port if you ever have any on hand! But even without the taste, these would be good!


  2. I was surprised by how much I liked these. Glad to see a couple of other booze alternatives to port (which I don’t normally have hanging around) work well.


  3. Kayte Gerth says:

    Husband here loved them as well…perfect combination of fruit and nuts for him, so I guess these are welcome on the repeat list here. I think they would be lovely on the Christmas cookie trays and they are so easy! Yours look beautiful.


  4. We were all totally surprised at how much we liked these! It seems it was a winner with everyone!


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