Bruno’s New Year’s Waffles

In the Pizzelle maker.
Cooling off.
Sandwiched up and ready to go.

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping to a better 2022. Bruno’s recipe has justified the purchase of the pizzzelle maker. These were delicious and a great recipe to start off the new year. I made the dough in advance as it needs to sit overnight. My husband the waffle expert was in charge of cooking them. These are small cookies which you can’t tell from the picture. My husband used a one teaspoon scoop which made a 2 -inch cookie. The whole recipe made 56 cookies and 28 sandwich cookies. I decided to make the filling which was a buttercream frosting flavored with instant coffee and cinnamon, a delicious addition. We loved these such a tasty cookie. We shared them with friends and they were well received. We would make these again.


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  1. These are perfect!! But Dorie’s recipe says it makes about 120 – hers must be absolutely TINY!


  2. those are the cutest things! i don’t have a pizzelle maker, so i’ll have to try mardi’s hack if i make these.


  3. Yours are just the cutest…and your buttercream sounds amazing! I don’t have a pizzelle maker, waffle iron or grill pan so I think I have to sit this one out and be sad since they sound like a hit!


  4. Cakelaw says:

    Oooh, love the pizzelle maker look – your waffles are gorgeous.


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