Anyway You Slice It!

This week on I Heart Cooking Clubs the theme was Anyway You Slice It by featured chef Ellie Krieger.  I took a breakfast approach to this challenge. First up Chocolate and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast.  I have made this recipe before and liked it. I thought it would make a great dinner for my son and I since my husband was traveling.

Ingredients include small sandwich bread, ricotta cheese, sliced strawberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips.
The stuffed sandwiches are soaked in eggs, nonfat milk and vanilla and grilled to golden.
These were as good as I remembered and I loved having breakfast for dinner. The late season strawberries were sweet and delicious, a bonus for suffering through a hot October.

With Hubby back at home, for Saturday morning breakfast I made Blueberry Coffee Cake.

I made a couple of modifications to this recipe, some successful some not. I did not have whole wheat flour on hand so I substituted spelt flour.  This made more of a dense coffee cake, not bad just not traditional.  I omitted the walnuts from the recipe due to my son’s nut allergy.  I used frozen blueberries but forgot to thaw them which caused a bit of a problem baking, it needed to bake longer. I used Greek non-fat plain yogurt since I have problems with my baked goods being too wet. I have made this recipe before and enjoyed it.  I made a few mistakes but I would still recommend this recipe  “Anyway You Slice It”.

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  1. Kim says:

    I do the same thing with my kiddos when my husband is away for dinner. We opt for breakfast or mac n cheese in favor of a traditional dinner. It makes for a nice and easy treat every once in awhile. My son also has a nut allergy so I like the changes you made to the blueberry coffee cake. I have been wanting to try both of these recipes. I would happily eat a slice of each:)


  2. Both recipes look delicious. I am especially loving that stuffed French toast with the strawberries and chocolate–Yum! 😉


  3. Hi Diane! I've never tried stuffed French toast, but looking at your dish, I know I must make some soon. 🙂


  4. ooh… breakfast for dinner sounds good. It has been awhile since I last had any French Toast, and stuffed with Chocolate and Strawberry sounds so yummy! Lovely blueberry cake, a slice or two would be perfect with a cup of warm tea!


  5. flour.ish.en says:

    This is what cooking is all about: making changes to adapt to what we have on hand and health concerns. Ultimately finding some recipes that you'd recommend and repeat. Keep them coming,


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