Roasted Butternut Squash with Savory Granola

I love butternut squash; caramelized from roasting in the oven, pureed in a soup or diced in a salad. I love butternut squash but sadly my family does not share my opinion. I make dishes with butternut squash when I have guests that I know will like it or take to work for a potluck….

Lasagna Rolls

From chef Giada De Laurentiis, a fan favorite recipe according to Food Network, these lasagna rolls. I needed a dish to bring to work for a potluck and these individually rolled lasagna sounded perfect. This recipe is just as much work as a traditional lasagna but I thought well worth the effort. The bottom layer…

Salmon en Papillote

This week on I Heart Cooking Clubs, S is for September. We were challenged with making any dish that had one or two ingredients starting with the letter S. I chose Ruth Reichl’s Sole in Papillote but substituted for salmon as my husband does not like sole. Additional S ingredients were scallions and soy sauce….

Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Figs

This week at I Heart Cooking Clubs the theme was procrastinator’s special. From the website: “We all have those recipes that we’ve been meaning to make, yet we keep putting them off. Which recipe have you been procrastinating? And why? Choose any recipe from any of our IHCC Chefs!” Last summer I was in Israel….

Fresh Peach Cobbler

This week I made fresh peach cobbler from Ruth Reichl’s My Kitchen Year. Her suggestion was to serve it for breakfast with warm cream. I didn’t think my family would want this for breakfast so I made it for dessert. I love how Ruth is loosey, goosey with her measurements. The recipe calls for 4…

Strawberry Shortcake

This week at I Heart Cooking Clubs we were tasked with making Summer Sunday Suppers. There is nothing quite like strawberry shortcake for a summer dessert. The fresh strawberries are at their pique of ripeness and coolness of the whipped cream are a perfect combination. I made Ruth Reichl’s Strawberry Shortcake from My Kitchen Year….

Big New York Cheesecake

I have a co-worker whose favorite dessert is cheesecake. For his birthday, I made him this one from Ruth Reichl’s My Kitchen Year. This recipe is a classic; chocolate crust, cream cheese filling, and a sour cream top. This was a big hit with the work crowd as well as my son whom I took…

Corn Pudding

I pulled out my copy of My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl and turned to the summer section. I was determined to complete more recipes from this book. Corn was on sale at my local Sprouts Market 6 ears for $1 so I decided to make this corn pudding recipe since it called for 6…


Tuesdays with Dorie Baking Chez Moi The first time I made palmiers was two years ago. I think I had beginners luck as they came out perfect. I was not wanting to deviate much from what I did then, afraid that I would break the spell. Dorie’s recipe is a little bit different from what…

The Cake That Cures Everything

I Heart Cooking Clubs Monthly Featured Dish Cake From Ruth Reichl’s My Kitchen Year. I have made this cake twice now. Once for an employee’s birthday at work and once for a family celebration. It has been a hit both times. I think this may be my new go-to chocolate cake recipe. This cake lived…