Corn Pudding

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I pulled out my copy of My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl and turned to the summer section. I was determined to complete more recipes from this book. Corn was on sale at my local Sprouts Market 6 ears for $1 so I decided to make this corn pudding recipe since it called for 6 ears. This is not a light dish with cream, eggs and butter as part of the ingredients. The corn flavor really shines through in this dish. Two of the ears are grated creating a more creamy texture while four of the ears the corn kernels are cut off. After cutting, the ears are steeped in the cream for more flavor. All ingredients are blended together with the addition of sugar, flour, salt and eggs. This dish bakes for one hour and comes out golden brown. I expected this to be more pudding- like but it is really an egg/corn dish. I did like it but just not what I expected. I can see why Ruth recommends it as a breakfast dish, I served it as a side dish for dinner. The recipe is also available from Ruth’s website.


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  1. Six ears of corn in making this pudding, sounds corn heavenly. Love the new layout of your site. You can even see the bubbles and every details of the pudding in the picture.


  2. Kim Tracy says:

    Love the new site:)

    I love Ruth’s technique in grating two ears and simply cutting the other four – simple techniques like that go a long way in a dish with few ingredients. It looks delicious!

    P.S. That is a fantastic deal on corn. It is 6 for $2 here.


  3. Emily says:

    Then corn is expensive in my part of the world, three for RM5.00, and there is a popular white corn (steamed and eat) going for rm5.00 each!).


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