Mocha-Almond Torte

Naked Cake

This week’s selection comes from Dorie’s current book, Baking with Dorie. We were invited to our friends house for Passover dinner, I usually bring a dessert. This mocha almond torte was a welcome addition to the meal. Dorie’s version uses walnuts but my family does not like walnuts so I substituted for almonds which Dorie says is traditional. The recipe calls for the chocolate bar and almonds to be blitz together in a food processor, a technique I have not done for a torte before. Sugar and egg yolks are whipped together and egg whites are whipped up fluffy then everything is blended together. The cake is baked and cooled. I don’t think that ganache is optional and I am glad that I included it for this dessert, it made the dish seem polished and was enjoyed by all. This dessert was a hit with my friends. I did not like the grittiness of the chopped almonds but my husband did. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. I totally agree…is ganache ever an option haha! Good to know it was a good choice. Looks delicious and I am sure a wonderful addition to your Passover meal!


  2. I didn’t make the ganache and miss that extra gloss that gives another dimension of goodness.


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