Carrot-and-Mustard Rillettes

Everyday Dorie page 10.

This is a recipe I probably would not have made if it wasn’t for this group which is the benefit of cooking in a group. I served this as a starter for our Sunday family dinner and it was a big hit, surprisingly big hit. This was another team effort recipe, I put my husband in charge of the carrots. He decided to bust out our Insta-pot to steam the carrots since we don’t have a steamer. He only steamed them for a minute and a half and they were fully cooked, no matter they tasted good anyway. My husband does not like mayonnaise or yogurt sauces so he skipped it the first go around but his second piece he tried it and liked it. We all really enjoyed this and would make it again. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. Surprisingly good is right! What a weird and interesting combo that I would have never tried…but it worked…really well haha! Glad your family enjoyed them too!


  2. Your carrots look stunning in color and texture. They take on the feel of something confit. Nicely done!


  3. Kayte says:

    This was a surprise here as well but we love carrots so that seemed a fine use of them. So fun to hear you liked them…even your doubter. lol. Cooking with groups has always opened me up to try cooking and eating new things, and always fun to read how others thought about it as well as seeing their lovely photos. Yours look so nice.


  4. This was a surprise hit for us as well! Yours look perfect!


  5. yes, sounded a bit odd, but tasted quite good!


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