Oven-Charred Tomato-Stuffed Peppers

Beautiful summer side dish. I found these pretty orange peppers and picked out the “boxy” ones Dorie suggested. Since these peppers were on the large size I could not fit them into a pie plate so I used a 9×11 pan instead. This recipe was a fair amount of work for a side dish but was well worth the effort as all my guests raved about it. We served this with a roasted chicken and a mish mash of other dishes our guests brought. This ended up being the last meal we ate with my father-in-law, he passed away on the 18th. He was my biggest fan and enjoyed everything I made ala Dorie. We take comfort that he lived 91 years, he kept his appetite until the very end and enjoyed Dorie’s recipes. To see what other’s made this week head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. So sorry to hear about your father in law. Sounds like he enjoyed the good things in life. This was a lovely dish, I’ll be making it again.


  2. Sorry for the passing of your father-in-law and your biggest fan. My father passed away in early 2020; cooking for him was one of the greatest joys. Food has the power to connect. The stuffed tomatoes have a certain charm and everybody likes them.


  3. Oh so sorry to hear about your father in law Diane! I remember you writing about him enjoying your dishes…what a gift of memories you will have to hold onto. I lost my father in law earlier this year and he was also 91. Will be thinking of you all. In a side note, your peppers look great…these were a hit when I made them too!


  4. Mary Hirsch says:

    I am also so sorry to learn about your father-in-law. It seems that he left behind some good memories for all of you. Still, I realize it’s very sad for your family to close a door. I don’t think I ever made Oven-Charred Tomato Stuffed Peppers. Yours look beautiful. What a delicious photo.


  5. Diane, I’m sorry to hear that. Your peppers look delicious, and extra-special. xoxo


  6. Kayte says:

    What a beautiful photo…those look so perfect and inviting. I love the idea of serving these like you did to a group. Your father in law passed away on August 18, 2021? Our son passed away on August 18, 2016 at age 23. My condolences to you, passings are always so hard, as are the anniversaries of such.


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