Matcha-White Chocolate Madeleines

I have made madeleines many times between various Dorie cookbooks, I was intrigued by this tea and chocolate version. I did not have a mini madeleine pan so I stayed with my regular one and adjusted the oven temperature to 400 degrees and baked for 10 minutes. Even though I buttered and floured my pan I still had problems with the madeleines sticking. I think the addition of white chocolate to this batter made it a sticky affair. I also seem to have the problem of the madeleines on the ends of the pan bake darker than the ones in the center. We did not taste the tea or white chocolate, I am sure it depended on what green tea I used. This is the one dessert that is not my husband’s favorite no matter what recipe I follow. They all disappeared after dinner with the in-laws and my son’s comment was ‘meh’ but he still ate two! The adventures of baking and eating. To see what others thought head over to Tuesday with Dorie.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    It’s funny isn’t it how some people are mad for mads while others go “meh”. I am in the latter camp, I have to say. Your mads are cute. I will be making full size ones too.


  2. I made the full size as well…no sticking, but mine turned out much darker than yours! I was surprised since they were larger and I cooked for the shortest time listed. They still tasted fine. We didn’t taste the tea and chocolate much either haha!


  3. i do have a mini mad pan, but i think they’re a lot better full-sized, so not sure which way i’ll go here. glad they disappeared given the meh reaction!


  4. I don’t know many who have a mini mad pan (well, except Steph)… Did you get the hump, that’s all I am interested in (it’s SO elusive!)


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