Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie

I made this dish about a week ago. I manage to cook on time but writing a blog seems to be difficult these days. The adults in my family loved this dish, my son declared it was the worst dish I have ever made. LOL I guess the flavors were too exotic for him. I thought the crispy potatoes on top were the best part. I would make this dish again, after my son leaves for college. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. Oh wow – that’s a harsh reaction! I personally LOVED this dish but I also see the appeal in the “regular” version!


  2. “The worst dish” haha…kids can be so honest! Well I am sorry that he didn’t like it but we were with you…we thought it was great!


  3. Your pie looks puffy and lovely and, for sure, with great taste to boot. I’m with the adults on this one knowing how mine turns out.


  4. sometimes i think i should call it quits on the blog and just stick to sharing the photos on instagram. those potatoes do look pretty fabulous. and totally lol at your son’s comment!!


  5. Kayte says:

    Your Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie has the best photo of the potato topping…I wish I had gotten color like that on mine. Next time. I’m still chuckling at your son’s comment…too funny.


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