Salmon Brandade

Brandade is a Provençal dish consisting of salt cod mixed into a puree with olive oil and milk, Dorie likens it to a shepherd’s Pie. This is a new dish for me and my family. There was much discussion in Trader Joe’s over the smoked salmon, my husband does not like smoke salmon. We ended up buying only half the amount needed in the recipe

This is another dish-piling recipe. The smoked salmon is steeped in whole milk. Potatoes are boiled, mashed and pureed. The milk-salmon mixture is added to the potatoes. Then onion and garlic are cooked in olive oil with some white wine added and reduced. Diced skinless salmon fillet is added, then minced fresh herbs in my case chives and parsley. The salmon-onion mixture is put into a 9-inch pie plate and topped with the mashed potato mixture. I made the dish up to this point and put it into the refrigerator to bake for dinner. Time for dishes…

Prior to putting into the oven the dish is topped with butter and bread crumbs. I did use the broiler to add color to my dish but it only browned where I topped with butter. Everyone enjoyed this dish and the half amount of smoked salmon worked out fine. The bread crumbs were not very crunchy and this soft dish needed some texture change but other than that we all enjoyed it. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. We thought the smoked salmon flavor was dominant so good thing you reduced it for your husband! I think Shirley’s idea of adding vegetable was a good one!


  2. There are much to like about the brandade. It’s forgiving and versatile for us to add or subtract any ingredient and make the dish our own. I’ve also found it necessary to put it under the broiler to get some color.


  3. Yep, definitely made a lot of dirty dishes this one with all the steps. Glad you enjoyed!


  4. another one with so many dishes for an “everyday” recipe. I just made this last night and took some tips from you– so thank you!


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