Candied Cocktail Nuts

Naked nuts

Candied nuts seems like the quintessential holiday treat. Since I can’t remember the last time I had a candied nut, I was looking forward to these. I took the practical approach and used what nuts I had on hand so my mixed nuts included almonds, macadamia and peanuts. I was worried the cayenne pepper would be too spicy for me so I substituted with smoked paprika which was an alternate listed in Dorie’s ‘Playing Around’ section.

This was an easy recipe with minimal prep and baking. My husband started snacking on the nuts as soon as they came out of the oven. The smokiness of the paprika and the thyme kept the nuts from being overly sweet. These nuts definitely need to be kept in a container or portioned out as I kept going back for one more, one more…

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  1. Yes, I can imagine how well smoke paprika would enhance these roasted nuts. Would try that next. Happy Holidays!


  2. Oh, maybe I should have tried the smoked paprika…the cayenne was really too hot for me, although my husband loved the heat. I am glad you all enjoyed these! Fun for this time of year!


  3. I was happy to have a batch of these for holiday snacking– super good


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