French Vanilla Sablés

When I looked up our latest baking adventure in Dorie’s Cookies I found that I had made them on 7/4/17. I must have made these on my own but I don’t remember doing it. I was also glad that this was an easy recipe in which I had all the ingredients. I was at home recovering from COVID so grocery shopping was not an option. I followed my own advice “don’t roll too thin” which I usually do. I made a half of recipe since we have many cookies coming up this month but eating these 2 at a time they are disappearing fast.

I would also like to plug my new silicone muffin tray by Silpat. My husband purchased these after we scratched up my old muffin tins making the Almond Crackle Cookies. I will tell you that it was worth every penny and my baking has been perfect. It is also nice not to have to butter or spray before baking.


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