Cottage Cheese Biscuits

Baking with Dorie

Who doesn’t love a good biscuit and these were good. It has been a long time since I have had biscuits so this was a nice treat. I made mine about 2 1/2 inches and we each had 2 with our meal. I am traveling this week for business, I managed to knock these out before I left but as usual did not have time to write a blog. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. lovielou says:

    Nice height! Can’t wait to make these.


  2. Kim says:

    Oh, you got such a good rise on yours! Great job! Hope the traveling is a good thing after all this time of sticking close to home. 😍


  3. oh, i hope mine turn out like yours! i have a hit-or-miss thing with biscuits and scones.


  4. The pictures speak louder than words; these are some good-looking biscuits.


  5. Amy says:

    Your biscuits look nice and fluffy! Glad you were able to squeeze them in before your travel.


  6. Cakelaw says:

    These look great!!


  7. teaandscones says:

    You got a nice rise with yours. Mine were a little flat! SIGH!


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