Swedish Dream Cookies

I bake on time but I cannot seem to post on time, sigh…

This week’s baking assignment for Tuesdays with Dorie are these Swedish Dream Cookies, a shortbread cookie flavored with brown butter and cardamom. I grew up eating kringle, a Norwegian cookie flavored with cardamom. This recipe is very different from the usual cookie recipe. First it requires brown butter but then you chill it for 2 hours after it is made, a new technique for me. I baked mine a little darker than Dorie’s. These Swedish cookies were rich and delicious. Definitely a make again recipe.


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  1. Kayte says:

    Well the baking part is the important part and you know I’m going to come and see what you made no matter when you post it. These look really good. I thought I wasn’t supposed to have cracks so next time, I’m making mine like yours as those look so much more exciting and inviting.


  2. The color on yours looks nice! I would up using jam in a few dough balls I’d tucked in the freezer, and they were also good that way.


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