Whip-It-Up-Quick Cornbread

I was happy when this cornbread was chosen for our next recipe in Baking with Dorie as I have a large bag of cornmeal to use up. This was pretty easy to whip up as the name implies. I chose corn, scallions and parsley as my add ins and of course topped with cheese. My cast iron pan is only 8 inches so I ended up doubling the amount of cooking time. We enjoyed this with our dinner meal of cauliflower tabbouleh and chicken. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. Ulrike says:

    As a North German I am not used to cornmeal and quick breads. I added as many add-ins as possible, to cover the quick bread taste ;-). It was good with a hearty soup or more cheese.


  2. This looks fabulous! Love the bright colour of this!


  3. Kayte says:

    It looks beautiful. You have me at all that melty cheese on top. Also, I would love to sit down to that meal…it looks lovely.


  4. lovielou says:

    What a yummy looking meal!


  5. Good for you…I love when we can combine two recipes! This one was good…a real winner with my group.


  6. Cakelaw says:

    Your cornbread looks great! I bought a big bag of cornmeal to make this so I’ll have to make it again.


  7. Amy says:

    Your cornbread looks yummy with the cheese on top. Glad you enjoyed it!


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