Everyday Christmas

I planned to make both my recipes from Everyday Dorie for Christmas dinner and a make-up too. The menu was; Spatchocked Chicken, Paper-Thin Roasted Potatoes and Maple-Syrup and Mustard Brussels Sprouts. It was a lot of cooking but it was oh so worth it. Luckily my husband likes to cook so he was a big help; we divided and conquered. My husband took point on the chicken, it came out moist and delicious with crispy skin. I did the potatoes which I sliced in the food processor, I don’t have a mandolin. I had some burning but they just tasted like chips. The Brussels Sprouts were oh so good and my son ate them which is outstanding. I would make all these again just not in the same meal:) too many dishes. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


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  1. What a great family project to do and then enjoy eating all together after! I did the chicken and potatoes together as well and they went perfectly together…you made another great addition to go with it. What a fabulous meal! Happy Holidays!


  2. the perfect Christmas dinner combo! how nice to have a helper in the kitchen.


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