Mokonuts’ Rye-Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Wow these were so good. Everyone loved them when I served them for dessert. I think these may be my husband’s favorite cookie, he ate two and wanted another. I think it is safe to say that I will be making these again. My husband seems to think that we have baked with rye flour before but when I did a search of my blog nothing came up for rye. If you remember a Dorie recipe with rye flour let me know. Happy Holidays!


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  1. Ulrike says:

    I think baking cookies with rye is unusual. We have some cookies called “Braune Kuchen” here in Germany, they are also baked with rye flour.I baked it in 2005 for a cookie swap.
    Your cookies look great.


  2. Cakelaw says:

    These cookies were amazing- I think they’re my favourite Dorie cookies yet!


  3. Cannot wait to make these -so many rave reviews!!


  4. peggyyarnall says:

    My husband loved these too! May be the best cookie ever for us. Yours look great. Happy holidays


  5. lovielou says:

    I agree. I have some dough in my freezer and I’m tempted to bake it right now!


  6. Amy says:

    Your cookies look delicious! I can’t wait to try this recipe next. I can’t remember a recipe where we have baked with rye flour before, although I have been out of the loop for a bit.


  7. My husband loved these too! He is enjoying some of the leftovers from the freezer…just warms it in the microwave and he says they are perfect.


  8. Cakelaw says:

    Your cookies look perfect, and they were delish. Probably my favourite Dorie cookies so far!


  9. loved these, too! i think some of the Baking with Julia breads used rye, but i don’t think we’ve done any Dorie sweets with it. i noticed that she does use it in several recipes in the new book, so that bag of flour will get plenty of use!


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