Miso-Maple Loaf

And we are off and running with Dorie’s latest book Baking with Dorie. The book releases October 19 and Tuesdays with Dorie is celebrating the release with baking one of the recipes. This recipe is a unique take on the loaf cake made with miso, maple syrup and orange. This was delicious and I could taste the miso and the orange very distinctly. The orange glaze I think is necessary and not optional:) I think I over baked mine hence the dark edges but it was still delicious. Get the book and come bake with us!


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  1. lovielou says:

    Mine was dark, too but it had a crunchy caramelized crust which my husband especially enjoyed.


  2. Küchenlatein says:

    Objection 😉 The glaze is optional, it doesn’t fit to cheese … Yours look great


  3. Amy says:

    Your cake looks delicious. Beautiful crumb. Mine didn’t get that dark and I didn’t have to tent it. You probably had a lovely carmelization from it though. I guess my oven was cooking at a lower temperature.


  4. I love he darker edges! I could not taste the miso at all!


  5. so glad you’re up for more! i really liked the crust on this cake and the glaze was a must for me, too.


  6. I agree the glaze finished it…everyone who tried mine loved that part! I can’t believe you could really taste the miso!! We tasted orange haha!!


  7. teaandscones says:

    It was the perfect recipe for celebrating her new book. Your’s looks just lovely.


  8. Teresa says:

    I agree that your crumb is absolutely perfect and your glaze looks scrumptious with it!


  9. Kayte says:

    Your crumb is perfect…and that glaze! Well done…yum!


  10. Kayte says:

    Your crumb looks so beautiful…and that glaze…we liked this so much.


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