Umami Burger

This week’s selection required a trip to the local Asian market (Mitsuwa Marketplace) and some help with translation. Needed ingredients were oyster sauce and gochujang. I found the oyster sauce but needed help with the later which was not in English and was shelved as kochijan, I learned something new. Other needed ingredients which I had were soy sauce, and Asian sesame oil. This recipe also has a healthy dose of mushrooms, 10 ounces is called for but I ended up using an 8 ounce package. The fungi group is one of the few things my husband dose not like so I expected him to pass on this one but he threw me a curve ball and decided to eat one.

We all found these to be moist and tasty. I tasted the flavor of the mushrooms but most did not. All thought I should have added more gochujang. I did not buy the bulgogi sauce but maybe I should have. These were good hamburgers but I think they missed the mark a bit.

Now that I have gochujang (kochijan) on hand I will re-make the ginger fried rice in which I made without this ingredient. I will also be voting for the beef stew (page 149) as it also requires gochujang. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. You nailed it – good but missed the mark a bit….


  2. I second that opinion…good but missed the mark! Our pictures are very similar Diane haha On a side note, I found all the sauces in the Asian section at Stater Bros for next time. 😃


  3. I share the same concern because the amount of the Asian sauce is so puny as compared to the amount of mushroom and meat. The best Asian market I’ve found so far is H-Mart (Korean). I’m sure they are in California too.


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