Ms. Corbitt’s Pecan Cake Fingers

The picture in Dorie’s Cookies looked inviting which is why I chose this recipe. This is a different kind of cookie with a base of “marshamllowy, cafe-au-lait-colored meringue” in which flour and chopped pecans are added. The cookie bakes at a low temperature of 275 degrees for a long time 50 minutes. My dough did not puff up but stayed pretty even. When I read the directions to cut the bars in 3 x 1 inch fingers before icing, my lazy self said no time for that today I am not icing 39 cookies individually. I took Steph’s advice and spread the icing on before cutting. I did not thin mine but just pushed it on with my fingers and smoothed it out with an offset spatula. My shortcut worked just fine. We loved these cookies. I would not describe these as cake-like but more of a chewy meringue. I enjoyed the brown butter in the icing. What a lovely new cookie to try.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    These sound lovely- I wouldn’t have guessed they were meringue-based.


  2. Ok, I read that about icing each bar individually and I was like “what’s with THAT?”. Glad to know your shortcut (which I was totally planning!) works! These look good!


  3. I am glad I wasn’t the only one that struggled with that icing haha. They were quite a great surprise!..very sweet but so unusual land goid!


  4. this was a lovely cookie and the browned butter made the icing so good.


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