Butter-Glazed Turnips

Turnip is one of those vegetables that I don’t have much experience with. I wasn’t expecting too much with this recipe but we were pleasantly surprised. I bought the purple bottom variety. The recipe was pretty easy and cooked up in about ten minutes. We really enjoyed this vegetable that tasted a bit like a potato. I think this one we will make again. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. We were surprised by these too! Happy New Year to you and your family!


  2. With this recipe, I won’t hesitate to get turnips and turn them into sweet buttery morsels of goodness, like these in your picture.


  3. yes, a delicious way to encourage my future turinp purchases!


  4. Mary Hirsch says:

    My mom often used turnips when she was making vegetable soup. I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything with a turnip. Yours look tasty. And, surprisingly they photograph very well. Nice picture. Happy New Year.


  5. This is definitely a good way to prepare turnips!


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