Triple-Layer Parsnip and Cranberry Cake

I decided that my peek-a-boo cranberries were artistic and did not hide them.

My husband declared that this was the best cake he ever ate. I thought that quite a compliment considering all the French baking I have been doing. This cake has many layers (pun intended) and is a labor of love. I had intended to spread out the work load over a few days like Mary suggested in her post but I ran out of steam after work most nights. I managed to make the cranberry sauce the night before and that was a big help. This was a delicious cake and we all loved that cranberry sauce filling. My only complaint is that it is a heavy cake to be serving at a thanksgiving meal.

I also made this caramel pumpkin pie from Baking From My Home to Yours. This was quite a different pie. It is much more sweet than a regular pumpkin pie and I thought the pumpkin flavor much less. Most raved about the pie crust which was excellent.

To see what other folks did head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. Oh I definitely wouldn’t want this cake after a Thanksgiving meal (or at least a lot of it). But it’s SO good and worth the effort!


  2. quite a compliment from your husband! i thought this was a great one, too. i used my leftover sauce from the cake as my thanksgiving dinner cranberry sauce.


  3. What a compliment from your husband! Makes all the effort worth it when the recipes are such a hit. I didn’t have high hopes from this one and then wow was it a winner…in looks and taste! Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Yes, the effect of the peek-a-boo cranberries is stunning. After spending the time to make such an elaborate cake, why hide the cranberries?


  5. Cakelaw says:

    It’s a beautiful cake! Your pie looks good too. I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving.


  6. Mary Hirsch says:

    I’ve met your husband, Diane, and he seemed like the kind of guy that doesn’t give compliments like that lightly. As you know, I made this cake for the front office staff at The Gant. I’ve been making food for them for the past seven years and they were ALL blown away by this cake. I think the presentation is such a knock-out. I delivered this cake (with trepidation, I must admit) on my grandmother’s cherished antique glass cake stand without mentioning how dear it was to me. But it made such a stunning “look” that I decided to just hope for the best. Three days later I received the stand back all sparkly and intact. I know I will make this cake again, over a period of a few days, because the end result is so worth it. I liked your pie also.


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