Potato Tourte

Everyday Dorie page 220.

I had some extra potatoes to use up and this recipe caught my eye, one that the group had already completed. “A tourte is France’s answer to our double-crusted pie”. It is made with two sheets of puff pastry. The center is filled with fresh herbs (I used dill and parsley), scallions, potatoes thinly sliced, garlic, butter and heavy cream. Not a light dish by any means. I baked this at home and then took it over to the in-laws for dinner. Dorie states it needs time to rest to let the heavy cream soak in and she thinks it tastes better at room temperature. At our dinner meal we ate it at room temperature and it did not go over well. The puff pastry was not crispy but more chewy. The next day, we had leftovers, we heated it up hot and crispy which everyone liked much better. To each his own. To see what others thought of this dish head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. Sorry this didn’t go over that well but good job for getting another one done on the list.


  2. I had fond memories of making this tourte. Sorry, it didn’t go well. But yours looks so good!


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