Thanksgiving Bars

Even though the season is autumn, it still feels like summer in California, triple digits are way too common. I always enjoy fall baking recipes and this one from Dorie’s cookies was right up my alley. My husband was lucky enough to find frozen cranberries, fresh have not hit the stores yet. Making homemade cranberry jam is not something I usually do so I was looking forward to the process. The cocoa shortbread cookie base and top calls for walnuts but I substituted for pecans. Cutting and fitting the chilled dough into the pan was a bit tricky and mine broke in places but it didn’t seem to matter once the whole dish came together and baked. The addition of the fresh raspberries gives the dish an interesting look. We loved this and thought it was delicious. My husband was particularly fond of it. I will have to make it again as we left the dessert with his parents since we were travelling the next day. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. I’m literally just about to get started on these! Wondered how they would look from the top – thanks for the pics 🙂 They sound so good!


  2. Cakelaw says:

    These are good – red ham and chocolate is a great combination.


  3. I’ve come back to ask how these cut? Yours is so perfect from the top (mine wasn’t and was definitely messy when I cut it!)


  4. these sound so strange to me (i think it’s the fresh raspberries for thanksgiving). glad to see tasty reviews all around!


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