Miso-Maple-Jammed Sweet Potatoes

Miso-Maple-Jammed Sweet Potatoes

We haven’t had sweet potatoes in a very long time so these were extra yummy for us. The jam was delicious and soaked into the sweet potato nicely. We will be making this side dish again. I paired these with Ponzu chicken (page 112) since the ponzu sauce was in both recipes. No one liked the chicken. It wasn’t bad but maybe I paired it with the wrong item.

Lightning-Fast Tahini Pork

I have also made lightning-fast tahini pork which was a big hit with the family. I served it with couscous and Dorie’s suggested spinach. We will make this one again.

My appologies for the bad photos. Dinner for 5 is usually rushed and my photos take a back seat. To see what others did and see better photos head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. I always have trouble sneaking in a fast picture too! I am always like…wait, I have to get a picture first haha! I think they look great! Glad your family enjoyed most of these you posted…that is always a bonus right?! 😂


  2. i really only make all this stuff for the photos, but no one gets it…they just get annoyed! lol! we liked these potatoes a lot. i made that tahini pork but with chicken breast and i remember that being tasty, too.


  3. LOL! I make all my food early in the day and photograph it for the most part then. Gets reheated for dinner !


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