Salted-Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundaes

Chocolate and ice cream are our two favorite desserts. This one went over very well with the crowd. I made the salted chocolate bits but I am not sure it was worth it. This is the second time I have made salted chocolate and it just isn’t necessary for me. The fudge sauce is of course the star of the dish. We all loved that one. The nut lovers enjoyed the almonds. A welcome treat for these COVID times.

I also did a make-up this week. These sweet and smoky roasted carrots were another hit with the family. We all enjoyed the spices and roasting always tastes good. This one is a keeper for us.


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  1. A hot fudge sundae sounds so everyday. But this is is truly special!


  2. This is one “everyday” dish I could most definitely eat everyday!!


  3. Tricia S says:

    Yum ! Both of your recipes turned out gorgeous ! I am with you about wondering if the salt was worth it for me personally -and one of my favorite treats are chocolate covered salted pretzels. The bittersweet chocolate bits was a delight as they stood. I am also finding that the pandemic schedule is making routines even more challenging. “Blursday” as my hubby likes to joke. I find that I am nose down in projects and have lost sense of what week it is lol.


  4. Mary Hirsch says:

    I agree with you, Tricia and others that this recipe could be simplified if need be. I usually strictly follow Dorie’s recipes the first time I make them and then change them the next time if need be. I wasn’t too thrilled about the coffee/vanilla combo but ended up thinking it was wonderful. This was just a fun and happy dessert and certainly good to eat. Thanks for suggesting the N95 mask. I do have and use N95’s. The real problem is getting to California . I always drive and stay in the area for the holidays/January. I don’t want to drive alone with all that entails this year. I could fly which doesn’t thrill me but it’s two airplanes, renting a car in Las Vegas and a 5-hour drive to Bishop and then quarantining a week or so. It just gets complicated. Hoping that we’ll get some relief by next Spring. XOX


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