Ginger-Beet Salad Bowls

Everyday Dorie

This week on Cook the Books Fridays, we are diving into salads. This multi-component salad is more work than I would normally go into for a salad but it was well worth the effort. As others have mentioned the dressing was the star. My husband made the quinoa in the rice maker which worked really well. I made the quick pickled onions. My husband also poached some salmon to go with it. We roasted red and yellow beets (the yellow were so sweet). This got rave reviews by everyone. All the items were delicious and worked together.


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  1. Tricia S says:

    Seriously gorgeous plate ! I cheated and did not do pickled onions. I was also hoping for some non red beets lol but I was not about to travel to multiple stores either. Loved that dressing and as always, the experience of trying something new 😉


  2. Such a surprise how well everything went together! We loved it, especially the dressing!


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