Three-Pepper Burgers

My burgers are two-pepper burgers as our grocery store did not have any peppadew peppers. I saw Mardi’s recommendation about finely chopping the peppers too late as my husband had already made them:) My husband cooked these on a skillet instead of the bbq which I think was the right move keeping them together. They look burned with all those extra ingredients but they did not taste burned. We really enjoyed these. I am not one for putting cheese on my burgers but I liked this variation of the shredded cheese in the burger. My husband thought they were a fair amount of work but of course I thought it was easy as I just had to eat it:)


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  1. how nice to have someone else do the cooking!


  2. Kim says:

    These were a nice change of pace…we enjoyed them! I found the peppers online 👍


  3. I bet the best part is the dark crusty caramelization on the patty. These looks fantastic!


  4. Mary Hirsch says:

    I agree with your hubby that they are more effort than a regular hamburger but I think the Three-Pepper Burgers are delicious. Not sure I want a burger any other way. I made 4 burgers and froze 3 of them so the next three meals will be effortless. Lucky me.


  5. I love the idea of these and will make them again with some different bits and pieces in there! So flavourful!


  6. Tricia S says:

    Yours look fab- wasn’t that char on the outside both scary to do and delicious to eat lol ?? If I was not following Dorie’s tips I would have turned those little guys way earlier. And messed up all that wonderful taste. A novel burger and another victory.


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