Salmon Burgers

Salmon Burgers from Everyday Dorie

Our Cook the Book Fridays group decided for the month of April to “make whatever recipe from Everyday Dorie that strikes your fancy (or, honestly, whose ingredients you can find or already have).” I decided to make my choice from the completed recipe list since I was still playing catch-up. I settled on these salmon burgers as I had most of the ingredients. I hand chopped my salmon because I was just using one fillet for two burgers. Added to the salmon are plain Greek yogurt, scallions, fresh dill, mustard, capers which I left out since I did not have any, lemon and salt. I read my fellow cooks reviews which recommended adding a little bread crumbs which I did. My husband was in charge of cooking these burgers and making quick pickled onions (page 306). I enjoyed my burger with avocado and my husband with the onions. These were delicious and a nice change of pace from hamburgers or veggie burgers.


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  1. These were so good!! Glad you enjoyed them. Stay safe 😃


  2. Chez Nana says:

    I remember when this came up that Tricia and I worked together with the family and was totally surprised how delicious they are. I like the look of the avocado with this, it must have been delicious. Hope all is well with you, stay safe.


  3. oh yeah, these were good. the avocado is a nice touch, and i like the texture of your chopped salmon.


  4. This looks so delicious with the nicely seared salmon, with all the other ingredients slightly visible, and perfect pieces of avocado on top.


  5. Tricia S says:

    Great team effort- the grilling of your patties looks gorgeous. Yes, these were delicious and as you said, a nice change of pace. Stay safe !


  6. These look great (and I don’t even like salmon!)


  7. Mary Hirsch says:

    I agree that the avocados are a great touch. (So were the onions as I remember.) Your Post served as a great reminder that I should go back and try a salmon burger again. Photo is very nice. Stay safe.


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