Last-of-the-Bunch Banana Bundt

Keep calm and bake, my new motto. I had all the ingredients for this week’s assignment for Every Day Dorie. The plan was to take this to a dinner party but it was cancelled due to the coronovirus outbreak. No matter I baked it anyway and shared it with my in-laws. Now comes the funny part. My in-laws are used to my Baking Chez Moi recipes and have come accustomed to fancy French cooking. This everyday cake was a step down for them. My father-in-law said “she has made better”, he didn’t think I could here. I just laughed, their expectation is fancy French. Admittedly, I over baked this cake by 5 minutes. The crust was a little tough, which all my family felt the need to point out. I make my son banana chocolate chip muffins and he thought this cake was not as good as those muffins. Wow, okay folks everybody has their opinion and they are not holding back! My husband joked about getting out the electric knife. But the world is still spinning and the cake disappeared. My in-laws gladly took half. On to new cooking adventures that is if I can score some eggs!

Green-as-spring soup

Since Spring is around the corner, I made green-as-spring soup. Made with several green vegetables; leeks, shallots, garlic, asparagus, zucchini, and basil, it lives up to its name. I forgot that Dorie’s soup tends to be on the thin side, I was sorry I added all the broth. This soup was tasty but too thin for us. I have a tried and true recipe for asparagus soup from Food and Wine and I don’t think this one will replace it.


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  1. cheznana says:

    I love the story of the complaints, really funny. Your cake does look beautiful, the icing is perfect with the toasted coconut on top. Loved the flavor of all the ingredients together.


  2. I think I over-baked mine too. However, the flavor and texture seem to improve overnight. I like how your icing turns out so perfectly.


  3. Tricia S says:

    Wow- your cake looks gorgeous. Your icing is absolutely perfect. I think this hearty cake could have taken the extra time as it was so moist to start with but I can’t believe the feedback you received. Hopefully everyone will be back to normal routines soon enough, as I imagine that is not helping reviews lol 🙂 You are a trooper and that cake is an A+


  4. LOL – in these times, beggars can’t be choosers I say! Your cake is gorgeous!


  5. ignore the comments from the peanut gallery–that cake looks good to me! i actually made dorie’s lettuce soup in the book last night to use up some wilty leaves and i could tell it would be thin by the ingredient list….i added a diced potato to the simmering stock and base aromatics to thicken the soup up bit when i blended it.


  6. betsy says:

    Your critical family made me laugh. I’m sure it was all more than perfect, they just like to express their opinion. I hope you’re hanging in there. It’s been nuts. Take care of yourself and your family, Diane!


  7. Keep calm and bake…love your motto!! I also loved your stories and comments from all your tasters…made me laugh! I think your cake looks great! 🙂


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