Nutella-Banana Panna Cotta

This is our third and final panna cotta recipe for Baking Chez Moi and this happens to be my favorite. I really enjoy Nutella and this dessert hit the spot. There were few ingredients but each required a separate dish so this was a dish plenty recipe. Gelatin was bloomed in one dish. Milk and heavy cream brought to a simmer in a pan. Mashed banana and Nutella in another bowl. The gelatin and hot milk/cream mixture are combined and then added to the banana/Nutella mixture. The whole mixture is strained before portioning into serving bowls. The panna cottas need to chill for at least 3 hours. I served mine with toasted hazelnuts which was a welcome crunch to the dish. We all loved these. I would be inclined to try the Bonne Idee of Speculoos Panna-Cotta the next time I have a jar of Biscoff spread in my house. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    Your Panna Cotta looks very elegant with its hazelnut topping. I just grated chocolate on top. I really liked this too and was surprised that the banana came through.


  2. Type & Cakes says:

    Our one complaint was that the panna cotta needed a bit of crunch. Toasted hazelnuts is a great idea!


  3. Zosia says:

    It looks beautiful! I made the speculoos variation and it was very good.


  4. Yours looks so fancy with the chopped nuts! My family loved this one!


  5. Gorgeous presentation! I am looking forward to making this one!


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