Balsamic Chicken with Baby Potatoes and Mushrooms

I love a good sheet pan recipe. Baking all things at once and in a single pan is a win, win for me. I tailored amounts to suit my family, no one is a mushroom lover but I put a few in for flavor. I couldn’t find chicken quarters at my market so I just used thighs. Small Yukon gold potatoes and an onion rounded out the ingredients. This meal cooked up in 40 minutes, I served it with a salad and it became a nice Sunday night meal. We all enjoyed this one.

Gingered-Turkey Meatball Soup

After I made pasta with cabbage, winter squash and walnuts I had some leftover ingredients. Thumbing through the list of completed recipes I found gingered-turkey meatball soup, cabbage was listed as one of the ingredients. Bingo, my next make-up recipe. I also substituted linguine as my pasta since the store I shopped at did not have rice noodles. I poached my meatballs in broth because I wanted more flavor in my broth. One of the complaints I read about this recipe was too much broth but poaching the meatballs much of the broth boiled down. I actually barely had enough broth. My husband liked this the best. He is really enjoying the infusion of new recipes at the dinner table. My son was not a fan but I think it is just his teenage brain and I should stop asking his opinion. I have a go to recipe, spring minestrone with chicken meatballs, and I don’t think this recipe is going to replace that.


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  1. This was a tasty, easy recipe! We all loved this one too…especially the mushrooms, we could have eaten yours haha. Your soup looks great as well!


  2. the chicken is a good one– i’ll make a take on it over and over, i’m sure.


  3. This is a winner! So easy and delicious!


  4. Chez Nana says:

    I used chicken thighs also, so tasty, and loved the combination of the ingredients. Your little potatoes look so delicious in that photo.


  5. Like what you said about how we can adjust the amount of chicken to suit the needs and wants of our family. Your meatball soup looks fantastic too.


  6. The chicken really is a great dish. I’ve made it SO many times!


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