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A month of Chaussons

I had the opportunity to make both chaussons; banana-chocolate and apple. At the beginning of the month I had an abundance of bananas so I made the banana-chocolate ones first. I put the optional Nutella in half of them. I forgot to put the butter in but I didn’t miss it as the chocolate and Nutella are very rich. My bananas must have been big as I had too much filling. At first my family told me they did not particularly like this dessert, I think it was the bananas. I only baked up what we needed and I froze the extras. My son who gave it a 4/10 star was asking when I was going to bake the rest:) They don’t fool me.

Last night I made the apple ones which were well received. I took my fellow bakers suggestion that one apple was enough and it was, also this time I remembered the butter. My indulgent family had it a la mode but I enjoyed mine just by its self. I still have a few extras in the freezer to enjoy later. To see what others thought head over to TWD.


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  1. Cakelaw says:

    I really liked the banana chaussons. Like you, I had a lot of filling and made extras that I froze. The apple ones would have been good too.


  2. Zosia says:

    It sounds like both fillings were a success with your family. I know I would enjoy the apple a la mode.


  3. i also had mine indulgently a la mode- haha. i liked the banana ones a lot, but would like to try the apple, too. sounds good!


  4. sanya smith says:

    I made both as well! I love apple filling however I found myself really liking the banana chocolate as well. This was max taste for minimum effort in my books 🙂


  5. I am wanting to try the apple filling! I love how you did rectangles instead of the triangle…I am thinking that would help it not split so easily!


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