Good Better Best Cookies

Tuesdays with Dorie
Dorie’s Cookies

Good Better Best Cookies. Dorie provides us three ways we can make these cookies. The plain cookies (na), sandwich cookies with Biscoff filling (better) or sandwich cookies dipped in chocolate (now we’re talking). Any time there is a chocolate option I am going to take it.

I made these cookies over a couple days to spread out the work. I made the rolled cookie dough and refrigerated overnight. The cookies cooled quickly so they were easy to fill. I had loads of filling so I did what my husband called ‘double stuff’. I used two teaspoons for each cookie. I managed to make well over twenty cookies so I used up all of my filling. My husband had a cookie before I dipped in chocolate and he raved about them. I am sure the chocolate will send it over the top. The ganache recipe made twice as much as what I needed though it did make for easy dipping. Having extra ganache is both a blessing and a curse.

These are delicious cookies and fancy enough for entertaining. I wish I had a party to give. We are heading out for vacation at the end of the week so it looks like any leftovers will go to work.

I will be voting for a recipe that uses Biscoff Cookie Spread:)


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  1. Your ganache looks like it set nicely. Mine was very very runny and I wish I would have waited to dip them (the recipe didn't call for that?) because mine didn't quite get the lovely sheen yours did. I liked these well enough but there are other sandwich cookies I'd make before I made these again…


  2. Lovielou says:

    Lovely! I’m looking forward to making these. Doing in stages sounds like the way to go.


  3. if you double-stuffed them, then i think you can call them “bestest!”


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