Gateau Basque Fantasie

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When I told my husband about this recipe he joked, “you can’t mix apples and oranges”, well yes you can. I picked this recipe since my husband’s favorite recipe from Around My French Table is Gateau Basque.

The crust, a little tricky to work with, is very forgiving and baked up perfect. Dorie really nails all kinds of doughs. The filling was a combination of oranges, apples, red grapes, dried cranberries, chopped nuts, ginger and candied orange peel. Since I had fresh oranges on hand I took the time to segment the oranges. I should have just used orange juice as the orange segments fell apart during cooking. The grapes also seemed to have disintegrated during stove cooking. I made a fatal flaw by adding too much fresh ginger, I did not read the recipe well. My fears of too much ginger was unfounded though as my sister and I could not really taste the ginger. This dessert got mixed reviews with many not impressed, I was really surprised it was not a hit. My husband said he liked it better cold the next day. I was expecting this to be a new family favorite but it was shelved as a one time dessert.

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  1. oh, that’s too bad. i really liked this one so much. your crust does look perfect, though!


  2. Same at my house, not a hit. I gave the gateau to my coworkers who liked it better. My family wanted more moist cakes so I´m going for baked Alaska next time.


  3. Zosia says:

    It turned out perfectly, a shame your family didn't care for it. The reverse was true in my case. I thought family wouldn't go for a cooked fruit filling but they loved it.


  4. Cakelaw says:

    Oh no, it looks gorgeous! I loved this one – the crust and filling were delightful.


  5. Well I am sorry to hear your family felt the same about this one…but I have to say yours turned out beautifully!!!


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