Black-and-White Baked Alaska

Tuesdays with Dorie
Baking Chez Moi
This wonderful baked Alaska was the dessert for our Father’s Day celebration. The base is a flourless chocolate cake described as “fallen souffle with a brownie-like texture”. It was  the perfect base because it did not get too hard in the freezer. 
I made anise ice cream from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. His recipes never disappoint and this one was no different. 
The meringue whipped up nicely without any problems. I prefer to use a torch to toast my meringue instead of putting in the oven. 
This was a huge hit with my family and I would definitely make this again. To see what others thought head over to TWD.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Cakelaw says:

    Your Alaska looks lovely and cudos for making your own icecream. The swirly meringue looks lovely.


  2. You made your own ice cream? WOW! Your torching of the meringue is PERFECT!


  3. Zosia says:

    How beautiful is that meringue! Anise and chocolate sounds like an interesting and really delicious combination, one I'd like to try.


  4. You made your own ice cream too???!! I thought it was time consuming enough haha! Great job!!


  5. Thanks for the good and very helpful info. I like making your ice cream.ร้านบิวตี้


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