Apple Matafan

I have never made or tasted a matafan. Dorie describes it as a large apple pancake. In the division of labor in my house, pancakes come under my husband’s job description. I gave him the recipe and said “you’re in charge”. Good timing too as I ended up sick this weekend and probably would not have made it otherwise.

My husband made a full recipe; pancakes are beloved as are apples and anything made by Dorie. We easily got 8 servings out of the recipe. My husband admittedly burned it. He said “the recipe called for deeply browned but I think I burned it”.  No matter we covered it with powdered sugar, my only contribution, and served it with maple syrup. A wonderful Sunday breakfast.

Apple Matafan page 341. To see what others made head over to TWD.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to your husband…great job!! We enjoyed this one too!


  2. Cakelaw says:

    Sorry to hear that you haven't been well – I hope you are feeling better now. Your husband did do a great job on the Matafan.


  3. how nice that you have a pancake-maker in the family…even if a little too deeply browned, i bet it was delicious!


  4. flour.ish.en says:

    I bet he burn gives it pancake real character. Your husband got the job done well. Good for him!


  5. Summer says:

    Your husband did a nice job. My husband is also the pancake maker in the family. Nice to have one of those. 😉 hope you are feeling better now.


  6. Wow – he did a great job with this! It's so beautiful and fluffy!


  7. Liz Berg says:

    I know I'd love this one, too! Add apples to anything, and I'm in. And if the butter was truly burnt, I bet you wouldn't have wanted to eat it! Did you ever make the potato matafan for FFwD?


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