Matzo Morsels

The first night of Passover we were invited by friends to attend their family seder dinner. I made Dorie’s Matzo Morsels for one of the dessert selections. This is the Jewish version of haystacks. Bittersweet chocolate is melted with butter, add crushed matzo, stir until all coated then add dried fruit in my case raisins and chocolate chips. Chill in refrigerator or freezer until set. I was not able to obtain the round balls that Dorie does in her photo. These small bites were a huge hit with the crowd. They are a tasty little bite. In terms of labor, I still prefer the ease of my Legendary Matzo Buttercrunch recipe which can be made in one pan.

Matzo Morsels page 287.

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  1. Truth Serum says:

    Good for you for trying something new Diane!


  2. Cookie scoop and mini muffin tin was my secret to getting somewhat round shaped!! These were delish!


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