Vegetable Tian

I Heart Cooking Clubs

My husband gets the sole credit for this week’s cooking assignment. I was all cooked out last weekend but my husband decided to take the reigns. Among the vegetable dishes I had tagged in Barefoot In Paris my husband chose this Vegetable Tian. Who knew such simple ingredients could taste so good. This dish has onion, garlic, potato, zucchini, tomatoes, flavored with thyme and topped with Gruyere cheese. It really takes a recipe for me to elevate my vegetables. This dish came out delicious and deemed make again. The only caution is that it takes at least an hour to make, something my husband did not notice so we ate late that night. No matter I was just glad I didn’t have to cook:)

Vegetable Tian page 146 or from the Food Network.

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  1. Nammi says:

    oh, how sweet, and that dish looks delicious!


  2. I love a good Tian – need to check this one out as I love the sound of adding potatoes to this! Lucky you that your husband took over – he's a keeper!


  3. This is such a delicious dish but when you take the time to place the veggies in the tray just so it becomes a work of art!


  4. Kim says:

    How nice of him to cook for you, and to make such a beautifully layered vegetable dish! I'm impressed. He did a great job. This recipe has always stood out to me as something I'd like to try!


  5. flour.ish.en says:

    Vegetable tian has a special appeal to me. It'd especially wonderful when someone takes charge in the kitchen. Your husband is a good cook! Lucky you!


  6. Your hubby is quite the chef! The vegetable tian looks delicious!


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