Roasted Hazelnut Granola

This month’s featured ingredient at I Heart Cooking Clubs is granola. My husband’s favorite breakfast cereal or snack is granola. He is pretty specific about his granola; no chocolate, no fruit except raisins, no funny flavors. I chose Ina’s roasted hazelnut granola as it fit the rules of granola for my husband. 

This was a simple recipe with plain ingredients. First, I roasted the hazelnuts to get the skin off. Then added the rest of the ingredients which included: cashews, oatmeal, slivered almonds, sweetened shredded coconut, vegetable oil and honey. Everything is tossed together and roasted for 20 minutes or so.

Our reviews: This is a tasty granola better for a snack or yogurt topping. The nut to oatmeal ratio does not really go with breakfast cereal. This cooked far less than the 20 minutes suggested on the recipe. I had trouble keeping it from burning especially the sweetened coconut. But no matter we enjoyed eating this. The recipe is available from Food Network.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. It sounds good with the shredded coconut! Granola is one of my favourite too, with or without dried fruits!


  2. Kim says:

    I can see why this one wouldn't make a good breakfast cereal, more of a snacking granola. That said, it looks delicious! Twenty minutes does seem like a lot of time for nuts and coconut to roast…wonder if that was a typo or mistake?


  3. Oh wow! Yes, I can see myself eating that by the handful.


  4. Flourishen says:

    There are plenty of tasty nuts to snack on, for sure. Helpful review!


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