Graham Cracker Cookies

Tuesdays with Dorie
Dorie’s Cookies

I made graham crackers! This was a fun and delicious snack. My husband thought they smelled wonderful baking in the oven. My son, not one for compliments, said they are graham crackers but then he ate another one and another one….

I have worked with graham flour before but I did not know that it is the same as whole wheat flour. Thanks Dorie! I can quit searching for the fancy bags of flour.

This is a cookie that needs planning ahead. The dough once rolled out needs to be refrigerated or froze before cooking. I also have an issue with getting my dough the correct thickness. Some had that unmistakable snap and some did not but it did not matter to us, we loved them all. And by the way, they make excellent ice cream sandwiches:)

Graham Cracker Cookies page 209.

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  1. Summer says:

    Dorie mentioned that the cookies can be crisped up if they get soft, maybe would help get the texture you want? I noticed that some of the cookies were softer too but I like them that way.


  2. Cakelaw says:

    I am with you, soft or crispy, they were good.


  3. These were SO good! And I need to work on getting even thickness too!


  4. they look great with that sugar on top!!


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