Raspberry Cupcakes

This month’s cupcake is raspberry. The original recipe called for rose but I am not into the floral taste so I just left it out. This cupcake, a bit muffin-like, was made with sour cream. I think these are more sturdy to stand up to the filling. The raspberry filling, the star of the dish, is made with two cups of raspberries boiled down to a syrup, strained and thickened. I was worried that the filling would make the cupcakes soggy but that did not happen. The frosting was cooked egg whites and sugar whipped up into a marshmallow goodness with the addition of butter and some of the raspberry filling. I added more than the 4 tablespoons of raspberry filling because it needed the extra flavor. My guests really loved this cupcake.

You can get the recipe from the Food Network. A good summer dessert.


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