Apricot Raspberry Tart

When voting time came up on Tuesdays with Dorie, I wanted to make all the recipes with summer fruit.  I just love summer and its bounty of fresh fruit.  The group voted for Apricot Raspberry Tart page 145 from Baking Chez Moi.
Dorie’s Sweet Tart Dough is flawless and I can get it to come out perfect every time.  For this recipe Dorie has you put stale Brioche crumbs on the bottom of the tart shell to soak up the juices from the fruit, a new technique for me.
My finished tart came out perfect. Not all the sugar melted in the baking process which I was surprised but made my son happy.  This drew thumbs up from the family, second pieces were had by most.  I am not a huge fan of apricots but I did enjoy this tart.  I would make it again.
On to other Dorie baking.  I made two recipes from Around My French Table that were a hit.

Cauliflower-bacon gratin (page 362). I made this for our July 4th dinner.  It was a big hit and deemed make again.

Chicken breasts diable (page 217) and garlicky crumb coated broccoli (page 334).  This was a delicious meal.  The sauce makes the chicken dish and we were lucky to have extra for another meal. My husband and I loved the broccoli and it was so nice to have another recipe to make. My son oddly enough did not like the bread crumbs.

To see how the rest of the group made Apricot Raspberry Tart.
Tuesdays With Dorie is an international baking group working our way through Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. We don’t publish the recipes, instead we encourage you to buy the book.


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  1. Ryan says:

    Your tart looks great! I was surprised at how little raspberries were needed. Also, I think I need to try making that gratin!!


  2. Ryan says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  3. Your tart looks lovely – I know I will be making this again!


  4. Lovely tart! Wish I could try with fresh apricots, we like this tart too!


  5. All your food looks delicious and I may have to source out the recipe for that garlicky coated broccoli myself! Also, seconds of dessert mean it was a hit!


  6. Zosia says:

    So pretty. I loved it too and would definitely make it again. I agree with you totally about Dorie's sweet tart crust recipe – it never fails me.


  7. tricia s. says:

    Boy did you knock out some winners ! Great job all around. It is funny because some of the AMFT recipes I can barely recall, so have to refer back to photos to jog my memory. And others – even old ones- are vivid. I literally could identify the cauliflower as I saw the photo LOL. That was a big winner in our house and I was so pleased with the results I went on a bit of a cauliflower bacon gratin and made it like once a week for a little while (it was the Fall when I did this :). And don't even get me started on that Chicken Diable- we LOVED it and I am now craving some after seeing your photos ! And of course, your lovely tart looks delicious. I was pleased to be able to use the summer bounty of fruit and you are spot on about that winner pastry. YUM.


  8. Kathy says:

    Great post, Diane! Your tart looks lovely…a true winner in my house! Can’t wait to make it for company. And your AMFT picks look wonderful…I loved the Chicken Diable!


  9. Patty Price says:

    Lovely apricot tart. I agree the sweet tart dough recipe is a treasure!We also loved the cauliflower bacon gratin, forgot about it though..will have to make it again soon 😉


  10. Mary Hirsch says:

    Your tart does look delicious, Diane, and I agree with you about making and baking everything with what is available and fresh right now. We don't have apricots in the mountains yet but I am hoping they will start popping up in the farmers markets. I have always made the cauliflower-bacon for Christmas. So yummy and different. I agree with Tricia about the Chicken Diable. In fact, I need to go back to the recipe and make it again – just for me. Enjoyed the pictures of your trip. You really covered some territory.


  11. Nana says:

    Great looking tart, and it was a delicious combination of fruits. We had ChickenDiable for dinner tonight and loved it. It is such a quick recipe to prepare and Ialways have boneless chicken breasts in the freezer.


  12. lots of great looking dorie recipes! you have me wanting to break out AMFT for that chicken dish!


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