Twice-Flavored Scallops

Everyday Dorie page 193.

I am not a scallop lover but my mother-in-law is so I knew she would be happy with this week’s selection. I put my husband in charge of sourcing scallops and he found a deal through Amazon Fresh for $15 per pound, nice!

To maximize flavor I marinated my scallops for 6 hours. I made one substitution, I did not have yuzu kosho so I used Thai red curry paste.

I was lucky that a recent trip to a neighbor gifted me with several Meyer lemons which worked perfectly for this recipe. I did not have any issues making my goop or syrup.

My husband expertly seared the scallops and cooked them perfectly. I served them with a dollop of the lemon goop and the boiled marinade on the side.

Despite the 6 hour marinade we did not taste much of those flavors on the scallops. Unfortunately the lemon goop was disliked by all. My son’s first scallop and he was not a fan. I on the other hand, have turned into a scallop lover. These were delicious! I am going to use the marinade on some salmon this week and see how we like that.

Our Sunday dinners have really been elevated with Dorie’s recipes and this one especially is true. To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


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  1. That is so interesting that the flavor wasn’t that strong..maybe the goop overpowered it. I only marinated my salmon 30 min and we could totally taste it…but used no goop. Good luck….and yay for becoming a scallop lover haha!


  2. Yay for becoming a scallop lover…too bad not a goop lover. I also really want to try the salmon version.


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