Subtly Spicy, Softly Hot, Slightly Sweet Beef Stew

The timing of this beef stew was just right, it was cold and I had a red bottle of wine to use up. I made one substitution, I did not have any gochujang so I used red Thai chili paste instead and I forgot to buy cranberries. I planned ahead and read the directions well so I could marinate the beef overnight. I don’t usually cook beef unless it is with our cooking group, so I was looking forward to this treat. I was able to read a few comments in our group before cooking this dish. I followed suit and kept the vegetables even though they were overcooked. When I was ready to cook I went straight to the “to make the stew” section and totally forgot about putting the meat on paper towels first. My meat searing did not go so well. I made the dish mid-day so I would have time to freeze the fat before serving but I did not have much fat to scrape off.

We loved this dish, it was tasty and worth the effort for a Sunday dinner. We had enough for leftovers so we are looking forward to eating it again. I say this with tongue and cheek, but Dorie needs to do something about the title of this dish, it is too long and too many adjectives:) To see what others thought head over to Cook the Book Fridays.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hahaha…totally about the name! But I have to say, it does describe it pretty well!!


  2. Yes re: the name! Love that you left the carrots in – love the pop of colour. PS: The cranberries were not noticeable 😉


  3. haha- the name is wacky! but the stew is good, even if it’s for a lazy Sunday and not “everyday”


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