Holiday Fish Soup

Everyday Dorie page 199.

I am posting late as I wanted to make this soup for my mother-in-law’s birthday which was after the first of the year. I had the benefit of reading the reviews of those that had already made this holiday soup. I decided to follow suit and just buy what we normally eat which ended up being white fish and shrimp. We managed to find all the ingredients including the lemongrass but I did not want to buy a whole bundle (it was not sold individually) so we left it out. I substituted the yuzu kosho for Thai Red Curry Paste which everyone liked. I used chicken broth for my liquid which I am not sure was the right move, the soup tasted more chicken than fish. I also think we could have benefited from the mussels or clams for added fish flavor. Overall the dish had the effect I wanted, my mother-in-law enjoyed it for her birthday dinner. I am not sure we will be making this again but I can see why it is called Holiday Fish Soup. Happy New Year my fellow cooks and bakers.


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  1. happy new year! always a treat to have seafood at home.


  2. Happy New Year…and Happy Birthday to your mother-in-law!! How special to get a blog recipe cooked for her celebration. We were like you I think, it was good but not great for the work that went into it.


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