Buttermilk Scones

Scones are beloved with my family, I try and make them once a month or so. I have a recipe similar to this but it has more sugar and uses heavy cream or sour cream. I have not made scones with buttermilk before. I added the “playing around” ingredient of dried fruit and raisins are the preferred fruit in my house. I brushed the top of my scones with some heavy cream I had and raw sugar for a little extra sweetness since I was serving them for breakfast. These tasted like buttermilk biscuits and not scones. They were not sweet enough for a breakfast treat. I will gladly make these as biscuits for dinner but not scones for breakfast. To see what others thought head over to Tuesdays with Dorie.

Baking with Dorie

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  1. Oh gosh Diane…couldnt’ agree more! Totally tasted like a biscuit…just not sweet and what I was expecting. I added sugar on top like you did…and even that didn’t help! I am using them up to do the bread pudding haha!


  2. good insight here. I’m thinking about glazing them, which I think was a playing around option in the book– I’ll be sure to go heavy!


  3. Good point that the buttermilk scones are less sweet and taste more like biscuits. However, scones include eggs and biscuits don’t.


  4. Cakelaw says:

    He, he, Aussie and British scones are not very sweet, because they are designed to be loaded with jam and cream on top, so the American ones always surprise me. Your scones look good.


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